Thursday, March 13, 2008

What the???

Well this just doesn't make sense...but then, that's the Irish for you.

St. Patrick's Day is this coming Monday, March 17th.

The 2008 Los Angeles Irish Fair & Music Festival...was last weekend, March 8th & 9th.

Wouldn't you think that with St. Patrick's Day falling on a Monday, the Irish Fair would be held the weekend immediately preceding it?

I guess we're not going to the Irish Fair this weekend, then.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

If you thought Karma was a bitch

you were right. But Life, Life is even worse. Life loves nothing more than to give you a swift, hard kick to the happy sacks when you're already down.

On top of everything else, my grandfather (my Mum's father) also passed away this weekend.

We saw this coming when he was moved into the nursing home not too long ago, but it was still a surprise to my mum and her family that he went out so fast. And for it to happen right now, it's just one more thing my mum has to deal with on top of everything else she's currently going through.

Then again, it could also be argued that this is something to help take mum's mind off her own problems.


March 13th will be three years since my father passed away.

My Mum had a cancerous tumor removed last week. The tests done this week showed they got all the tumor, but the surrounding area contains precancerous cells so she needs to have another operation.

I sent my dog away on Friday and unlike other times when I tried to find a new home for him, this time he's not coming back. The house has been strangely quiet without him.

When you're feeling down like this, whatever you do, do not listen to Darryl Worley's song, "I Miss My Friend".

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One fine day, on the way to work...

While crossing the road on my work today there was a small black object lying in the crosswalk, and my OCD said I just had to kick it, so I did. I gave it a good boot out into the middle of the crosswalk, leaving it in the perfect position to receive a second booting (and I have my Doc Marten's on today, so I was able to deliver a really good booting). But as I gave the object a second booting I realized it was a glasses case, and I also realized there was something inside.

After the second booting the glasses case wound up in the gutter and I scooped it up and attempted to open it. It was a little tricky because it had obviously been run over by at least one car (and probably more) so the dohickey (or is that doohickey?) on the zipper had broken off, but my OCD and persistence paid off and I got it open anyway. Inside was a purple BIC lighter which still worked, a white set of ear buds which had not survived their stay in the middle of the road (and would never work again), and a small silver squarish object, with the Apple logo on one side, and the words iPod written underneath.

The object claiming to be an iPod had a couple of scratches on it and it had obviously taken a direct hit from a car tire, but it was still intact and other than the dents it looks a lot like this...
I got to work and while booting up my PC I plugged my speakers into the 3.5mm jack on this so-called iPod and flicked the Off switch to the on position. A little green light came on next to the switch and the dulcet tones of some of the Inglewood and Compton's finest talent filled the air. "F**k you, Ni&&er! Mother f**king Ni&&er!"

Well, how about that? This little silver object that claims to be an iPod really is an iPod, and even though it's been run over by a car it still works. But...I better turn it off before other people get in to work and hear it. For some reason people get offended by words like "Mother f**king Ni&&er!"

Free iPod. Now those are much nicer words :)