Friday, October 29, 2010

Weird emails

I'm trying to find a home for my dog so I post fliers on each floor of my building, email the folks on my floor pics of the dog, including a description about her, and even get a couple of former coworkers to send out an email blast to their contacts.

A few people respond but in most cases they need to check with a spouse, etc., and when they next get back to me it's to say, "Sorry. No can do."

Someone else emails me and says, "Can you please send me the pics of the dog. I'll call around."

So I forward him the email I sent to my coworkers.

Unlike most of the other folks who emailed or called me, I cannot find this guy in our internal directory. I punch his name into the To: field in my email client but it can't find him, either. Which is odd. I wonder if he's one of the Security Guards, because they're not in our office directory, but using his email address I find him in Facebook and his face doesn't look familiar, and I know almost all our Guards by sight (if not by name).

Several hours later I get an email back from the guy. Subject Line: My address.
And indeed it contains nothing but his address, but it's just a street address & unit number. No city; just the street address & unit number.

I Google his address and because of the unique street name it turns out he's not only not in L.A., but he's almost 50 miles away. The unit number is #45 which is also pretty high. Does he live in an apartment? Because my dog is not exactly suited to apartment living.

Google Satellite shows me it's not an apartment but a densely packed group of condos, aka PUDs (by those in the Biz). I zoom in and see the condos are practically on top of each other with no sign of any private backyards. Does the guy intend to keep my dog in his condo? Does his HOA allow dogs? I have a crate for her to sleep in at night but she gets to go outside during the day. You leave her inside, home alone, and "house broken" will take on a whole new meaning.

I email him back and ask what's going on. I tell him I can see he lives in a PUD with no backyard so does he have someone that will be home with my dog during the day? Or does he plan to crate her during the day then let her out when he gets home?

He emails me back, "This is my address to clean carpets."

o_O = WTF?

If you're saying you clean carpets, WTF does that have to do with finding my dog a home? And if you think I'm offering to clean your carpets, that isn't happening, either. I decide communication with this one must cease.

Then I get an email from one of my contacts, who posted my dog's picture & description on her Facebook, and who had a cousin of a friend show interest in my dog. Not only is she interested, but she wants her. She really, really wants her. How much does she want her? She lives in England, and she wants my dog, sight unseen.

Get her to me! she practically screams at her cousin (via email). Make it happen!


I email the two cousins and say if they really want my dog I'll bring her to them, at least I'll bring her to the local cousin, the Angeleno, and they can make arrangements to get my dog to England, but that's on their time and their dime.

It cannot be cheap to transport a dog from the US to England, yet this crazy woman seems intent on doing just that. Don't they have animal shelters of their own in England?

Flabbergasted, is what I am.

*edit* A few of my coworkers had expressed interest in taking my dog but in the end it was one chap who was interested in her for his parents who finally stepped up and said he would take her, for himself rather than his parents (who are getting on in years). He lives in an apartment but it's close to Griffith Park (the huge park surrounding the Los Angeles Zoo) and he runs in both the morning & the afternoon so my...his dog :) will get plenty of exercise. It's not an ideal situation, but it beats spending the remainder of her life in a Shelter (life expectancy, two-to-four weeks).

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shots in the night

This morning I woke around 2am and while lying there, from somewhere outside I heard...
And I thought to myself, and rather casually I might add, "semi-auto, probably a 9mm."

For a little while I contemplated calling 911, but what would I tell them?

"Shots fired. 9mm pistol. Somewhere within a block of 123 Main St." Not exactly helpful.

If anything it would bring squad cars with wailing sirens waking up the neighborhood, and maybe we'd even get a helicopter flying around overhead for half-an-hour. I'm sure the neighbors would appreciate that at 2:30 in the morning.

Nope, I thought to myself, if anyone is calling in the local PD it will have to be someone who heard gunfire right outside their window, and as that wasn't me I rolled over, snuggled back up under the blankets, and went back to sleep.

Early this morning I heard gunfire in my neighborhood, and I rolled over and went back to sleep. I don't think there's much 'country' left in this Country Boy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Computer down! Computer down!

The wife's PC finally died on her. Her LCD said it wasn't getting a signal so my first (hopeful) thought was the video card. Alas a quick switch from the video card to the onboard GPU did not work. So I crack the case, pull the card, reboot and...nothing.


That didn't narrow the problem down, it just eliminated one possibility. With Liz's PC being quite a few years old, the cost of trouble-shooting and getting it up & running would probably be more than the cost of a new PC. So I went the cheap route: I pulled her hard drive and dropped it into my PC.

Unfortunately they're making cases smaller & smaller these days (or so it seems) and with my BFG of a video card (an 8800GT or something cutting edge a few years ago) tucked in I had a hell of a job sliding her HDD into my drive bay. After unplugging a few cables I finally got it in, hooked everything back up, then hit the power button.


Oh, shit.

I/O Power switch on the PSU? Flipped it. Nothing. Flipped it back.Still nothing.

Oh yeah. One of the cables I unplugged was the power to Mother Board, and yes, after getting the IDE ribbon cable plugged in I forgot to plug in the MoBo's power cable. With that plugged back in my computer booted up, then rebooted itself. That's odd.

Windows failed to start properly on the last attempt.
Safe mode?
Safe mode with Networking?

Huh? Oh, okay. Let's push our luck and shoot for Normal.

No dice. Reboot, and...Windows failed to start properly on the last attempt.
Ok, ok. Safe Mode?


I hit F1 went into BIOS and reconfigured the Boot order. Save & Exit.

Reboot, but this time I meant to do that.

And the familiar XP loading screen came up. Cool.

Windows loaded. Opened My Computer, and there was a bunch of drives (I have a built-in flash drive reader that will accept pretty much any standard flash card), followed by a new drive. A J: drive. Opening it up revealed it was the wife's hard drive, so I had access to her files. Cool. (Fezzes are cool, too.)

I shut my PC down then switched her non-working case with mine, because the printer/fax/scanner is on her desk and it refuses to network with the LAN. Stubborn piece of tech.

When I booted up my PC, or Liz's new PC rather, it detected the Printer and after a minute or two it had installed the drivers. Then it detected the Printer again. And wanted to install the drivers, again. Wha??? Oh, I see. It's a Printer/Fax/Scanner so it needs to install it three times. Fine. And so it did.

Today Liz called me up in tears because she'd opened up Firefox and it was my Firefox. With my bookmarks, logins & passwords. Then she opened up Thunderbird and it was empty. No emails. No addresses. Nothing. Nada. Zip. She was a little distraught that everything was gone and it took a while to calm her down. It's not gone, it's on the J drive, I told her. But I might as well have been speaking Kobold, or COBOL (which sound the same), for all the good it did.

Fortunately a few minutes searching found a website where, hopefully, I'll be able to restore her profile, including emails & email addresses, from the Thunderbird folder on her old hard drive.

So now I currently have no computer, but oddly enough, I don't really care. After quitting WoW, again, and playing LOTRO for a bit, I've discovered I've lost a lot of my desire to play games on my PC. Or maybe it's that Dragon Quest IX has sucked me in ;)

*edit* Mozilla Profiles restored, and now Liz has her Firefox and Thunderbird back. Hooray!