Thursday, September 15, 2011

The mysteries of the Interwebs

Apparently over the past few days our IT Department switched us over to a new Proxy server because the old one was having problems, and IT are too short-staffed to troubleshoot it so they just set us up with a new Proxy server.

Except the new Proxy server is also having problems, from running slow to not working at all, and because our office uses Google's GMail, when the proxy server is down we cannot access our email. This has been causing headaches for my office's System Techs because administering the Proxy server is IT's responsibility, and they're in another office, in another building, a dozen blocks away. So when the Proxy goes down and we can't access our email, Systems can't actually do anything to get us back up. And who do we run to when our computer don't work? Systems of course, because they're right here.

Certain websites are also blocked by the new Proxy server, websites which were not blocked before. Now it makes sense to block certain websites, except they're not the sites you might think. Or maybe they are, but I'm not checking those sites.

For example, I can still get on Facebook, and...yep, MySpace is still good, too.

I can access my Yahoo email but the click-thru links in my MyPoints emails do not work because has been blocked.

I can also access my blog here at Blogspot (as long as the Proxy server is up), and yet...I cannot access Tobold's Blog, which is also on Blogspot. It shows up in Google when I search for it, but any attempts to access it are denied. Very strange.


Liz said...

IT wants access to FB too. ;)

mbp said...

There has to be someone on blogger writing a blog that is marginally relevant to your work that you could use as an excuse to the block lifted.

Bone said...

They blocked Facebook and MySpace at work several months ago. Which is kind of hilarious as we have a Facebook page for the company which needs to be updated, but someone always has to do it from home.

Cap'n John said...

@Bone - I hope whoever has to update your company's FB page from home puts in for OT. That, or they're on Salary so it's just part of their job ;)