Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Proof is in the Pudding

After slaughtering 50,000 damage worth of lvl 22-24 Ogres (being approx. 75 Ogres @ 650hp each) in Duskwood's Vul'Gol Ogre Mound, my level 20 Arms Warrior armed with the 2H Reef Axe from Blackfathom Deeps averaged 82.5dps, as seen in the below screenshot. (Yes, I cut & pasted the Recount Window into a second screenshot.)

After repeating the experiment and terrorizing the Ogres a second time, this time as a Fury Warrior but still with the exact same gear, I averaged 94.6dps. As you can see from the second screenshot the passive buff from the Fury Tree's "Precision" skill, being +3% to Hit and +40% to Autoattack, provides a significant boost to my base/white Damage, and definitely helps to explain the almost 15% increase in overall DPS.

I ran Shadowfang Keep as an Arms Warrior in between the two attacks on the Vul'Gol Ogres, and with all of the group buffs and the passive buff from using the Random LFG Tool I managed to pull 100dps, being the same as what I managed on my own as a Fury Warrior.

After respec'ing Fury, traditionally a dual-wield Build, I first equipped two Baron's Scepters and slaughtered a dozen or so Ogres, just to see how well Fury worked when dual-wielding. In short, it didn't. Using what are probably the best two 1H weapons a level 20 Fury Warrior can get my DPS averaged in the mid-70s. It did jump into the low 80s when I got in a string of Crits, but would just as quickly slide back into the mid-70 range when my Gnome went nose-to-kneecap with the Ogres for longer than a few seconds, which as a dual-wielding Fury Warrior it usually did.

In fact fighting the Ogres as a dual-wielding Fury Warrior felt almost exactly like fighting them as an Arms Warrior, with combat usually lasting at least 5-6 seconds. I noticed I missed many attacks, and also got Parried a lot. Even with the combined +4 to Hit buff from wielding two Baron's Scepters, the lower damage output meant I was still in combat for a lot longer than when I equipped the Reef Axe (as Fury). The bonus to Hit from not dual-wielding meant a lot less of my attacks got Parried, and thus a lot more of my attacks landed, and when you're hitting Mobs with the Reef Axe they know they've been HIT!!! As a Fury Warrior wielding the Reef Axe it was not uncommon to rush into combat and lay out an Ogre within 2-3 hits, and with the first three attacks being Victory Rush, Autoattack, and Bloodthirst, those 3 attacks could all land within 2-3 seconds. If even one of them was a Crit it was usually lights out, but if the Ogre was still standing and Execute hadn't lit up I'd throw in a Heroic Strike and that would inevitably get the job done.

The end result from terrorizing the Vul'Gul Ogres is what I've argued all along, that at lower levels Arms is a sub-par DPS build to Fury, and that even if you have two of the best one-handed weapons available for your level you're still better off using a comparable 2H weapon instead of dual-wielding. In my case, 15% better off.


ZombiePirate said...

Although playing a Warrior as DPS is akin to murdering kittens and you should be tanking! :P

Cap'n John said...

ZombiePirate, although I totally agree, there is still something sinfully enjoyable about smashing Mobs faces in with a massive 2H weapon, and doing it as a little female Gnome just makes it even more enjoyable.

I might have to switch to Tanking. The queues are faster, and sometimes I feel like Grinding Rep so I can earn the Ambassador Title :D

Cap'n John said...

Pitting the i25 Reef Axe from Blackfathom Deeps against dual Baron's Scepters (i21) from Shadowfang Keep was not entirely a fair test, not when the i25 Darkwater Talwar from Blackfathom Deeps is available to the persistent Item Farmer.

I ran multiple BFDs, sometimes the whole instance when I was particularly bored or it was a good group, and other times dropping out after shortly after killing Lady Saravess. My persistence paid off and eventually I wound up with two i25 swords, and my DPS went from 100-105 (in Instances) to approx. 115 maintained throughout the entire Instance. If I reset Recount I do over 150dps on Boss fights alone. Clearly if you can get the best one-handed weapons available for your level they will outperform the best two-hander. The catch being you're after TWO items from the same Boss which requires multiple Runs, requires the desired Item to Drop, and requires you to win the Roll, twice.

To ease ZombiePirate's mind I tried Tanking both a Deadmines (to clear my quest log) and a Wailing Caverns (random PUG), and the queue did not seem particularly shorter vs signing up as DPS. I did okay as a Tank, as I should (being a former End Game Tankadin), although the Deadmines Run took a while but then it's a long Instance. The WC Run took about 15-20 minutes, which in my experience is an about-average time for it.

But having almost all the best-in-slot items the only reason I would run Instances now would be out of boredom, or to grind Rep to earn the Ambassador Title. If signing up as a Tank meant zero-minute queue versus 10-15 minute waits as DPS then I MIGHT sign up as a Tank. On the other hand, there are better Tanks out there than me (some are AMAZING Tanks!) and there are the Tanks who apparently signed up thinking it meant shorter queues. Bringing 100+ DPS to the table means those amazing Tanks will have a much faster Run (esp. as they often do even more DPS than me) while taking Mobs down faster for the not-so-good Tanks means less stress on the Healer. Running as DPS is also less stressful and more enjoyable for me. I don't think it's wrong for me to want to have fun. I know I'm not paying to play like the subscribers are, but I am spending my time, and as any good Goblin will tell you Time is Money, friend.