Wednesday, April 04, 2012


We recently we had an informational meeting in our office scheduled, apparently, for 8am. Because a Rep was coming in to make the presentation attendance was also mandatory, apparently.

A few minutes before 0800 my supervisor reminded me and my coworkers about the meeting and off we went.

When I walked in I noticed the Rep had already arrived and was chatting with our Director, and that the meeting did not appear to be in any danger of starting on time.

Other staff began slowly arriving.

At approx. fifteen minutes past the hour the Director finally got the meeting underway and the Rep started her spiel. It lasted all of 10 minutes. During her presentation people were still slowly dawdling in.

The last of the stragglers arrived just as the Director wrapped up the meeting. They walked in, saw the meeting was over, and turned and walked straight back out.


Bone said...

That sounds similar to our meetings. Except much shorter. One week, a co-worker's son brought her dog into the middle of a meeting. The dog stayed. The son left. That was the best.

philmeetworld said...

Punctuality. They don't.

arizona interlock device said...

We really have to observe punctuality all the times. Time is Gold as one famous proverb says. Nice and very useful!